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Group Process

Available? Yes

The groups are centered around Jung's idea of individuation.  These groups are designed to assist people in examining the workings of their internal complexual nature.  (This is not psychotherapy.)*  Members are invited to embark on a very personal journey which will enable them to better understand themselves, which in turn, enables them to make desired changes in their own personal path.  Groups are limitted to 8 people, but normally operate with less than that.  Group members are welcome to bring up any topics or personal situations that interest them.  This may include: dreams, life situations. relationships, events in the news, interesting reading material, etc.  All material is looked at from the perspective of its relevance and importance to the individual's life.  Group members are encouraged to actively participate in the discussions by sharing their thought and giving input.  I believe the advantage of groups over individual consultations is that group members provide mutual support to each other, as well as being able to see others work though life's challenges. I generally feel that if you are not able to attend a group for at leat 6 months, it is generally not worthwhile to join a group.  Group charges are based on monthly attendance.**

* It is very important to understand that this is not group psychotherapy, and that the members of these groups are not being treated for any diagnosed mental illness or V-code situations.  Also, since this is not formal psychotherapy, no formal note are kept of these group sessions.  Further, since this is not psychotherapy, fees for this service may not submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement.

** Charges to attend my groups are based on 4 meetings per month and 2 hours per group.  Thus, the monthly charge of $100 charge covers 8 hours of group time.  Groups do meet if there is a fifth week in the month, and they often run over the 2 hour time period.  Therefore there are no refunds due when occassionally I have to cancel a group due to my personal life circumstances.

Price: $100/month

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