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Phone Consultation

Available? Yes

This is becoming a more popular servive that I provide for my clientel.  I offer this service out of an understanding that life does not happen based on regularly scheduled meetings.  This service is an affirmation to the old axiom that, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Sometimes if we can just talk to someone in the midst of a life event, we are more able to understand what is going on inside of us and exactly what complex is up trying to run our lives.  Being able to reach me by phone without a scheduled appointment can often give one a better insight into a personal dynamic than waiting a few days to discuss it in a group or private session.  Along with this advantage, phone consultations also allow clients to reach me and consult with me who are outside my geographic area.  This service is provided as an extention to private consultations, which are not psychoterapy*, but rather motre in line with life coaching.

* This service is not formal psychotherapy and should not be used to attempt to treat psychological conditions long distance.  Since this is not psychotherapy, it cannot be reimbursed through insurance, and no formal notes are kept of these consultations.

Price: $75/hour

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