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Classes - Personal Instruction

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Taking Classes through The Tallahassee Center for Jungian Studies

Numerous classes are offered throught the TCJS.  All of these classes based on personalized instruction.  Students are given specific reading material and then asked to write 5 papers on this material which address specific topics or questions based on the readings.  The papers are to be approximately 1000 words in length. All classes are offered on three different levels.  Level 1 classes are for those simply wishing to have a general grasp of the material.  Level 2 classes are offered for those who wish a more in-depth grasp of the material.  Level 3 classes are offered for those who wish to strive for a personal integration of the in-depth material.

Level 1 Classes are based on the student merely wanting some feedback on their understanding of the material.  In these classes the student will recieve comments on the written material that they submitted as well as further insights from the instructor as to other ideas and perspectives that they may wish to consider.

Level 2 Classes shall receive the same input as discussed in level 1, but then the student will be asked to rework the paper based on the comments of the instructor, and re-submit the paper for further insights into the material.

Level 3 Classes will follow the same procedure as level 2 classes.  Following the feedback the student receives on their second submission, the student will be asked to write a short paper (250 words) on the personal meaning of this material in their own lives and their integration of it into their personal philosophy of life.

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